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About me


Hey there, I’m Prajakta! 👋

I’m a UX Designer based in Mumbai, passionate about creating simple, original, and thoughtful experiences that leave a positive impact on people.

I was constantly immersed in creative activities - illustrating, painting, designing, and daydreaming about what I could create next. As I had worked as an assistant engineer in an MNC company, technology started to become a big part of my life as well, and my interest in the constantly evolving digital world continued to grow. But my love for designing led me to obtain a transition into the design field.

I'm constantly exploring and challenging myself in different design practices in order to learn and develop my skill sets overall.

In my free time, I love to illustrate and do photography.

Reach out to me!

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Adobe XD
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

UX skills

UX Research

Empathize with users


Interactive Prototyping

Affinity Diagramming

Usability Testing


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