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A web & mobile based application designed to save, locate, remind and pay all kinds of bills/expenses all from one central location.

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With 'Organizo', you can save and organize all of your bill documents including jpg, png, and pdf, get reminders about upcoming payments, analyze expenses, and make payments on time via payment functionality. 'Organizo' integrates all of these services under one platform.


Each of us has bills to pay like electricity bills, TV bills, rent bills, shopping bills, landline bills, etc. It is a difficult task to keep track of all this information and maintain it for warranty recovery, expense tracking, or any other expense purpose. We get the bill but are careless to keep and maintain it in a file. All of this leads to jumbled situations and sometimes finding documents at crucial times is nearly impossible. 

Therefore, an application that stores and maintains its records based on categories and is easy to search would be efficient.

Therefore, this case study will focus on Bill storage - organization and payments.

Goals & Objectives

At the start of this project, I made a list of things that I wanted to achieve for this app.
A friendly book-keeping organizer app that stores your bill documents, so you can easily find things when you need them. And also link your online bill accounts to the app if any.
A categories tab for types of bills to be stored to avoid jumbling.
An easy and automated search and to analyze by digitizing from paper image to computer.
Easy and straightforward navigation all through the app.

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UX Designer
User Research
Interaction Designer
Visual Designer
Usability testing


Adobe XD


Jan 2022 (4 weeks)

Design Process

design process.png

1. Empathize

I started my design process. Once I clearly understood the problem, I arranged an interview and started gathering requirements from users. I did user research to see whether other people had similar experiences. I interviewed five people to better identify user difficulties if any existed.

Research goals

  • The goal of this study is to explore how people keep track of their bills and how they deal with locating them without being stressed at any given time.

Research Components

Secondary research (Competitive analysis)

Primary Research (User Interviews/surveys)

User personas

User Interviews

As a researcher, I began by identifying the problem I'm trying to solve It is difficult to track, organize, and provide payment functionality all under one platform. As a result, the process becomes confusing, messy, and complex.

Using the information I have collected, I have created a preliminary user persona based on a comparative analysis of several active products.

Competitive Analysis (Secondary Research)

competitive analysis.png

User Interview (Primary Research)

To empathize with a diverse range of users, I reached out to five, mostly working adults. The following questions helped me understand their perspectives:

  • What kind of bills/expenses do you pay or have paid lately (e.g., electricity, groceries)?

  • Do you have any monthly or yearly bills? If so, which ones?

  • Which bills do you find most important to store?

  • Is it difficult for you to find important bills/documents at critical times?

  • How do you deal with it if you don't locate it on time?

  • Could you explain what you do to keep billing records and how?

  • What is your method of maintaining bills?

  • Do you use an app to keep track of this information? If yes, could you name them?

  • If so, what are your favorite features?

  • To understand how important/necessary bill record maintenance is.

  • To identify the target audience.

Empathy Map

2. Define & Ideate

User Persona

Based on the user's goals and needs, I use the user personas to represent the key behaviors of the audience. It is both fictional and realistic.
Let’s meet Prashant Patil, a Banker in Delhi.

user persona before.png

User Journey Map

user journey map.png


Quotation Marks
  • Make the billing storage experience stress-free?

  • Design something that helps users to track bill categories easily?

  • Store offline as well as online bill documents?

  • Could we design something that might help users in their expenses like credit score/ graphics or investment ideas?

  • Remind users to pay bills on time, that they set on reminder?

Quotation Marks


Scenario: A bill app that lets users to save, remind , locate and pay all types of expenses/bills from one place.



bill organizo app.png

User Flow

Using the established tasks as a guide, I mapped the user flows. In this way, I can step into a user's shoes and imagine what they might encounter, and how they might respond. Here is the user flow scenario where Deya wants to "Exchange" a book order. A complete user flow can be viewed here.


3. Design


After reviewing the information architecture and user flow, I grabbed a pen and paper and began drawing low-fidelity wireframes for a few screens. It allows me to assess my ideas before putting them through the time-consuming process of digitization.



Then using Adobe XD, I converted those screens into digital prototypes and shared them with my UX Reviewers and my friend(User) for their feedback.

Frame 11.png
UI KIT.png


Using Figma once again, I recreated the flow on the prototype so that users can easily scroll and navigate now with the brand added.

Note: You can view the desktop version prototype on web devices only.

final prototype new small.png

Challenge 1

It is common for us to pay a number of bills in some way or another, but we often forget to back them up for future use, resulting in scattered situations.



In order to solve this problem, I included an option to upload/add bill documents for backup purposes.

Additionally, if they want to pay bills or expenses through the app as well, an option to add the biller account is available.

challenge 1.png

Challenge 2

Bills were saved, but now what if we needed to edit the bill documents / make changes to the reminder details?

Bill management and organization was a challenge for this problem.



As a result, I categorized and stored my bills, which can be viewed by date, category, and payment method.

challenge 2.png

Challenge 3

The message that informs you that you haven't paid your dues can often be stressful, since you have definitely missed



The solution I came up with was to add a calendar reminder and to enable payment functionality from the app itself.

challenge 3.png

4. Test &

With 5 participants, I conducted an unmoderated online usability test.

I created a high-fidelity prototype using Figma and conducted usability testing with Maze to test these designs. I created 6 tasks for the application and tracked their results.

Affinity Map

Bill organizer affinity diagram.jpg

Usability Test - Task Completion Rate

  • Task 1: Log in to ‘Organizo app’ and check notifications

  • Task 2: Add bill doc/image for storage purposes. Fill in details of the bill and also add a reminder for it.

  • Task 3: check ur save bills(or recent bills)

  • Task 4: Edit details/images from one of the saved bills and then delete one of the saved bills.

  • Task 5: add a biller account to pay for expenses and then pay one of the bills from upcoming reminders from the same app

  • Task 6: Check the Dashboard for your expense monthly analysis

percentage circel.png


Findings & Analysis

easy use.png


users found the 'Organizo' app easy to use and locate bill documents.



of participants like the feature of having the option to return the book after reading.



overall completion rate of tasks without any errors.


Financial features such as loan

For better usability, users suggested the app should include more financial features like loans, investments.

Next steps

For the second round of usability testing, I want to design and create more key screens. There are also a number of features that could be added to provide a unique experience in Organizo's product roadmap. The majority of participants thought the app could act as a multifinancial-billing platform. Designing and testing those interactions would definitely be interesting in order to develop a stronger application.

Project Takeaways

The 'ORGANIZO' project was a thrilling experience for me. I used this case study to learn how to consider the main pain points of each user and their feedback and design the product in a responsive manner. I will handle updates and revisions according to priority levels going forward. While the app was designed keeping in mind the daily commotion of finding bills/expense documents, research and design were based on actual user feedback. Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome. This project taught me how to work within the constraints of an existing product and to design within a system that is already in place, by relying on already existing patterns and components. 

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